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      2019-04-25 10:53:22| 來源:中公金融人





      From: National Parks Visitors Bureau

      To: ECSmith@eastcoast.net

      Subject: Correction to Newsletter

      Date: Aug 5, 5:44 A.M.

      A correction has been made to the August issue of our National Parks Newsletter. The North Mountain Views Rails to Trails package—combining two nights at the High Point Lodge, a half-day guided tour, one night at the Trail’s End Inn, and two tickets on the Scenic Shores Railroad—was listed incorrectly in the newsletter as $295. The actual price per person for this package is $529 plus tax and is based on double occupancy.

      In addition, please note that Lake Zephyr Sports and Culture offer is valid only at the Hidden Cove Resort Hotel. Prices are for two adults, and the package includes breakfast and dinner for three days. Each additional adult with pay $222; for an additional child, the extra cost is $202.

      We apologize for any inconvenience.

      The National Parks Visitors Bureau

      1. What error was included in the August newsletter?

      A. Trip dates were inaccurate.

      B. A tourist area was incorrectly described.

      C. A quoted price was wrong.

      D. The name of a hotel was misspelled.

      2. What limit is placed on the Lake Zephyr offer?

      A. It is available only in August. B. It applies to only one hotel.

      C. Children are not allowed on the trip. D. Meals are not included in the price.

      Passage 2

      Association of Financial Consultants

      121 Hibiscus Ct.

      Boca Raton, FL 33429

      Telephone: 1-561-555-8286

      Fax: 1-561-555-8287


      Suzette Bowman

      1492 Oak Drive

      Silver Spring, MD 20902

      January 15

      Dear Ms. Bowman:

      You recently received an informational packet concerning the upcoming Association of Financial Consultants conference. I need to clarify the charges for existing members. The cover letter that I enclosed with your conference booklet should have included the sentence, “If you are not AFC member, please submit $35 for your membership.”

      As you have already paid this year’s membership dues, you do not need to send the $35 listed on the conference registration form. Please forgive the mistake. When you return your registration form, please write “already a current member” on it. However, you will still need to enclose the $50 conference fee and $275 for your room and banquet meal no later than February 10.

      If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me. The best way is to e-mail me at jeffhorne@afincon.com, but if necessary, you may also leave me a message at 1-561-555-8286, extension 432, and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.


      Jeff Horne

      Membership Coordinator

      3. What is the main purpose of the letter?

      A. To ask for a payment

      B. To explain an error

      C. To discuss a conference

      D. To answer a question

      4. How much does it cost to belong to the AFC?

      A. $10 B. $35 C. $50 D. $75

      5. How does Mr. Horne prefer to be contacted?

      A. By phone B. By fax C. By mail D. By e-mail



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